EON – Analysis

The Creative Project, EON, was presented in the form of a staged reading. It is a story about a young scientist, who unintentionally creates a time machine in the form of a button. When he discovers that what he created is in fact a time machine, he realizes the immense power that is now in […]

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Analysis of Run Lola Run

The film Run Lola Run is an action film that deals with a number of philosophical concepts, mainly grappling with fate and free-will. Each choice Lola makes in this film leads to a number of consequences. Her boyfriend Manni needs 100,000 marks otherwise his ruthless boss, presumably some sort of crime lord, will kill him. […]

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The Journey to the Roots

Where will I lead my life? By the nature of time and by the nature of consciousness and human psychology, humans can perceive time to seemingly drag on at a painfully slow pace, or may perceive it flying by at an alarming pace; we can all get a sense of this and all understand this […]

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Hello, my name is Gavin Corallo and I am here to introduce myself. I am in Environmental and Wildlife Management (EWM) and am currently in my second semester of this six semester program. I love many different fields of science and have been a scientist at heart my entire life. I love understanding how things […]

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